How much does a ZoomInfo account cost?

Pricing for ZoomInfo is not available on their website which is somewhat understandable. With a starting price of $6,995 it makes sense from the vendor’s point of view to not make their pricing publicly available. There are also a ton of options and features in each of the four options.

Is ZoomInfo worth the money?

Likelihood to Recommend. If you are in business development or in a sales role where you need to be able to reach out to prospects via email or calls, ZoomInfo is a must have.

Is ZoomInfo illegal?

ZoomInfo is legal because its collection processes only aggregate business-related data, such as work email addresses or the job titles of a company’s employees.

How long is the free trial for ZoomInfo?

The device that you are using is not supported by our Community Edition contributory network, but we would like to invite you to signup for a 14 day of free trial.

How much is a Hoovers subscription?

Essentials subscription: $89 per month, or $899 per year, for access to all of Hoover’s data. Researcher subscription: $3,500 per year for up to five users, for targeted lists created with a sales rep’s help.

Who uses ZoomInfo?

Who uses ZoomInfo?
Company Website Company Size
Veristat 200-500
YourPeople, Inc. 500-1000
Zendesk Inc 1000-5000

How do I get ZoomInfo for free?

Really! As long as you are sending and receiving business emails through a supported version of Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps for Business and contributing your contacts with ZoomInfo, you can access the ZoomInfo Database and the industry’s most powerful search tools for free.

How does ZoomInfo make money?

To date, ZoomInfo has derived most of its revenues from fee-based and subscription services. Of the $12 million in revenue it generated last year, the bulk came from recruiters.

How many contacts can you have on ZoomInfo?

Database Size

According to the ZoomInfo website, their database currently contains 6 million C-Level contacts, email addresses of 27 million decision makers, and 19 million company profiles.

Is ZoomInfo free to use?

ZoomInfo also has a basic free trial, but it also has a free edition that comes with strings attached. With the free “Community Edition,” users get full, unlimited search access to the ZoomInfo data. Every month, the trial allows users to download 10 of those contacts.

What is ZoomInfo community app?

ZoomInfo Community Edition is a program that gives you free, ongoing access to the ZoomInfo Database of millions of B2B profiles and contact information for the people you want to reach — in return for sharing your business contacts.

How do you get on ZoomInfo?

Once we have collected business information about a person or company, we combine multiple mentions of the same person or company into a Public Profile. The resulting directory of Public Profiles is then made available to the users of the site and our customers and strategic partners.

Is ZoomInfo owned by Zoom?

History. ZoomInfo was originally founded as DiscoverOrg in 2007 by Henry Schuck and Kirk Brown. It operated as DiscoverOrg until February 2019, when it acquired its competitor Zoom Information, Inc. and subsequently rebranded as ZoomInfo.

How do you use a Slintel?

Why do companies use ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is used by salespeople, marketers, and recruiters to optimize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast business contact database and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools.

What is scoops in ZoomInfo?

Scoops are actionable intelligence leads that ZoomInfo sources through our surveys and in-house Research Team. Using these tools, we are able to identify projects and leadership moves to share with users so that you can time your outreach effectively.

What is a B2B sale?

B2B stands for ‘Business to Business’. B2B sales refers to companies who sell their products or services to other businesses, rather than to individuals. In contrast, B2C stands for ‘Business to Consumer’ and, refers to companies who sell directly to members of the public.

Is it safe to install ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo ensures that its database and portfolio of products is 100% safe to use. As a security-first organization, ZoomInfo is committed to developing secure and compliant go-to-market solutions for our customers.

Why is my name on ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo does not collect any consumer or credit information. Thus, they have no lifestyle data, political affiliations, donations, income estimates, age, family details, credit histories, personal emails, or housing data. They focus strictly on your professional persona.

What is C to C sales?

Customer to customer (C2C) is a business model that enables customers to trade with each other, frequently in an online environment. … Online C2C company sites include Craigslist, Etsy, and eBay, which sell products or services through a classified or auction system.