How long is Uncharted 3?

The main plot of Uncharted 3 provides approximately 9-10 hours of play. This is a value for a scenario that assumes that you choose a normal level of difficulty and do not spend a lot of time searching for all the collectibles.

Is Uncharted 3 bad?

A bad Uncharted game is still an excellent game, but for me Uncharted 3 just failed to capture that swashbuckling magic that defines this series. It felt stuck, and it felt, at times, like filler. And while the Atlantis of the Sands is certainly a thing, it felt like a odd attempt to toe the “lost city” line.

Is Uncharted 3 a good game?

Review: Uncharted 3 is one of the best — and most annoying — games of the year. … Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of the best video games of the year. In fact, it is one of the best I’ve ever played. But it will also go down as one of the most annoying.

Is Uncharted 3 harder than 2?

The first game is by the far the weakest in terms of gameplay, but it’s much harder to come to a clear determination between Uncharted 2 and 3. … Comparing just the shooting of these two games, Uncharted 3 has a slight advantage.

Which Uncharted is the longest?

Uncharted 4 game length will be the longest of the series, according to Naughty Dog. The studio says that Uncharted 4 is going to have “pretty significant length.”

Which Uncharted is the hardest?

Hardest Uncharted game on Crushing
  • Drakes Fortune. …
  • Among Thieves. …
  • Drakes Deception. …
  • A Thiefs End.

Is there gonna be an uncharted 5?

It has been reported that Uncharted 5 is officially in development, with Naughty Dog supervising the project. … Since the report is new, it likely means that Uncharted 5 is still a long way off being released, but at least fans of the series know that the next entry will show up eventually.

Is Uncharted 3 long?

When focusing on the main objectives, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is about 9 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 19½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is crushing Uncharted 3 hard?

Crushing Mode is the hardest difficulty to play the Campaign in Uncharted 3 and is unlocked only when the game has already been beaten once on any other difficulty.

Is there an Uncharted 6 coming out?

The release date is currently set at Friday 18th February 2022 after a number of setbacks. Fans of the video game Uncharted have been waiting for the film to hit cinema screens for many years with previous dates including the 5th of March 2021, 16th of July 2021 and 8th of October 2021.

Is Uncharted 4 the last?

The main series began with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, released on the PlayStation 3 in 2007, followed by its sequels Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009), Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (2011), with the final installment, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, released on the PlayStation 4 in 2016.

How old is Sully Uncharted 4?

age 14
Nathan Drake’s Age In The Four Uncharted Games

It’s completely possible that Nathan Drake may be a year or two younger, particularly if he meant he was in jail at age 15 and met Sully at age 14.

Is uncharted going to be a movie?

Uncharted is scheduled to be theatrically released by Sony Pictures Releasing in the United Kingdom on February 11, 2022, and later in the United States on February 18, in IMAX 3D, RealD 3D, and Dolby Cinema. The film was originally set for release on June 10, 2016, but was delayed to June 30, 2017.

Who is playing Elena in Uncharted movie?

Uncharted Live Action Fan Film
Elena Fisher/Played by

Is Victor Sullivan deceased?

Sully revealed to be alive. In “Trapped”, Sully was discovered to be alive when Elena captured footage of him entering a helicopter with Roman and Navarro.

Why is uncharted 4 A 16?

In the UK and Europe, PEGI rates Uncharted 4 as PEGI 16 for Realistic Looking Violence. The GRA expand on their PEGI details by describing the violence as frequent, realistic and against human characters. … They react realistically to violence and injuries and blood can be seen.

What is Nathan Drakes real name?

Nathan Morgan
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
Nathan Drake
Motion capture Nolan North Billy Unger (teenager) Britain Dalton (child)
In-universe information
Full name Nathan Morgan
Nickname Nate

How old is Nathan Drake in the first game?

31 years old
In the first Uncharted video game, Nathan Drake is 31 years old. By the start of Uncharted 3, he’s 35, and in the flashbacks that take place in that game, he’s 15.

Is uncharted for 10 year olds?

Uncharted 4 is rated as PEGI 16 for Realistic Looking Violence. … They react realistically to violence and injuries and blood can be seen.

Can 12 year olds play Uncharted 4?

Overall a great game with the right amount of everything, cool for 11+ with good role models.

Is Uncharted 4 realistic?

During a preview event last week, we learned more about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s backstory, and Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer revealed that the game’s premise is based on real history. More precisely, it takes inspiration from the life of Henry Every, one of the most famous pirates of the 17th century.