What happened to Tim Matheson?

This Is ‘Bonanza’s’ Tim Matheson Today. … Tim Matheson is known for being in movies like National Lampoon’s Animal House and TV series like Bonanza, where he portrayed the parolee “Griff King” in the final season. Today at the age of 72, Matheson is still active in show business!

What did Tim Matheson star in?

Tim Matheson is an American actor, director and producer perhaps best known for his portrayal of the smooth talking ‘Eric “Otter” Stratton’ in the 1978 comedy, National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978), but has had a variety of other well-known roles both before and since, including critical accolades for his playing ” …

Why did Tim leave West Wing?

John Hoynes is an American politician of the Democratic Party, who served as Vice President of the United States under Josiah Bartlet from 1999 to 2003, when he resigned due to a relationship scandal.

How old is Otter from Animal House?

Robert Lee “Otter” Anderson, 80, died of complications from a pulmonary thrombosis in Vallejo on Nov.

Is Tim Matheson dating anyone?

He married Elizabeth Marighetto in March 2018; the two live together in Hollywood, California.

How old was Tim Matheson when he made Animal House?

IMDb Rating: 7.6
Actor Age then Age now
Bruce Bonnheim Unknown
Karen Allen 27 70
James Widdoes 25 68
Tim Matheson 31 73

How old is Kevin Bacon?

63 years (July 8, 1958)
Kevin Bacon/Age

How old was John Belushi?

33 years (1949–1982)
John Belushi/Age at death

How old was John Belushi in Animal House?

Of the younger lead actors, only the 28-year-old Belushi was an established star, but even he had not yet appeared in a film, having gained fame as an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, which was in its third season in autumn 1977.

How old is Kyra Sedgwick?

56 years (August 19, 1965)
Kyra Sedgwick/Age

How old is Harrison Ford?

79 years (July 13, 1942)
Harrison Ford/Age

How old is Julia Roberts?

54 years (October 28, 1967)
Julia Roberts/Age

Is Kyra Sedgwick’s accent real?

Sedgwick: she is stammery, addicted to sugar, socially annoying and — above all — reflexively but insincerely polite and kind. She also has a big, bendy Southern accent that is not native to the actress.

Is Kevin Bacon married to?

m. 1988
Kevin Bacon/Spouse
Bacon has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick since September 4, 1988; they met on the set of the PBS version of Lanford Wilson’s play Lemon Sky.

What age is Amanda Seyfried?

35 years (December 3, 1985)
Amanda Seyfried/Age

Who is Kyra Sedgwick heiress?

Actress, Kyra Sedgwick, inherited a fortune of $16 million from her successful venture capitalist father, Henry Dwight Sedgwick V.

How rich is Kevin Bacon’s wife?

That is a combined net worth with her husband of 30+ years, Kevin Bacon. Kyra Sedgwick has earned her net worth through her many acting roles in films, television and video.

Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth.
Net Worth: $45 Million
Salary: $350 Thousand Per Episode
Date of Birth: Aug 19, 1965 (56 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)

Who was the mole in the closer?

Detective Sergeant David Gabriel is a fictional character featured in TNT’s The Closer, portrayed by Corey Reynolds. Gabriel was a Sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Priority Homicide Division.

David Gabriel.
Detective Sgt. David Gabriel
Occupation Police Officer

How much is Kyra Sedgwick’s family worth?

Her father was a venture capitalist, and her mother was a family therapist. What is this? Sedgwick’s parents divorced when she was 6 years old, and her mother married an art dealer.
Net Worth: $30 Million
Age: 56
Born: August 19, 1965
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actress
Oct 5, 2021

What does Travis Bacon Do?

Travis Bacon/Professions

Who is Kyra Sedgwick husband?

m. 1988
Kyra Sedgwick/Husband

How much does Julia Roberts worth?

As of 2020, Roberts’s net worth was estimated to be $250 million.